Archangel Book Nook Episode 6

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Mystery solved!  Listen here to find out who did all the reading – which teachers performed which roles?  Winning guesses from each class will be announced at school Tuesday morning! A big thank you to Carlo from Classmates for helping pull this podcast series together, and of course to Charles and Brandon P. for the music!  And a standing ovation …

Archangel Book Nook Episode 5

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The last of our Literacy Week Series, this episode has an interview with not one but TWO teachers (is one of them yours?  Tune in here  to find out!).  We also hear the fractured fairy tale, “The Wolf Who Cried Boy” by Bob Hartman.  Don’t forget to fill in your Mystery Teachers page and hand it in to Mrs. Roche or …

Introducing Our Podcast: The Archangel Book Nook!

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St. Michael’s is thrilled to debut its new initiative, a podcast called The Archangel Book Nook!  This podcast will feature books being read aloud – sometimes by one teacher, sometimes by many teachers!  We will also have feature interviews discussing the reading experience and more.  Click through to hear the debut episode, and listen closely at the end for more …

Upcoming Free Resources

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Attention Families! Amazing and invaluable resources and supports are available in the form of upcoming webinars through ACT (Autism Community Training).  Please check out the website for tons of strategies and supports for ALL families in the midst of this pandemic, not just those with specific designations.  Some examples include: Guided Practice in Mindful Self-Compassion – An Experiential Introductory Session …

POPEY: Final Learning Menu (Thinking)

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Menu #11 is dedicated to the Thinking Core Competency and Play! For our last menu, the POPEY team is sharing some of their favourite activities that help creative, critical, and reflective thinking, including connecting to these through play. These activities can be used at home or at school.