School Uniform

Our winter uniform may be worn all year. The summer uniform may be worn from May 1 to October 31 however dates are subject to change at the principal’s discretion.

Students must have a cardigan, sweater or vest at school at all times even if it is not being worn. Unless otherwise stated, students must wear their cardigan, sweater or vest at assemblies, school Mass and for Picture Days.

Girls Winter Uniform

School Uniform - Girls Winter
  • White school golf shirt
  • Tunic (K – Gr. 3)
  • Tunic or skirt (Gr. 4 – 7)
  • Navy blue school cardigan/vest
  • Navy blue knee-high socks OR leotards
  • All-black shoes

Boy Winter Uniform

Boys Winter School Uniform
  • White school golf shirt
  • Navy blue dress pants
  • Navy blue school sweater/vest
  • Navy blue socks (no logos and above the ankle)
  • All-black shoes

Gym Uniform

  • St. Michael’s red shorts
  • St. Michael’s red T-shirt
  • Runners and socks (runners for gym do not need to be all black)
  • School tracksuit (optional)

All Black Shoes are runners or dress shoes with absolutely no white soles and no coloured markings or logos.

Hair Policy as per Parent Handbook: “Hair must be clean and neat and, for boys above the collar in length. No dyed, streaked or bleached hair is permitted. Hair accessories must be red, black, navy blue, white or school plaid and must be minimal in size.”

Where to buy our uniform

NEAT Uniforms
1050 Boundary Rd. Burnaby, BC V5K 4T3
Store Hours: 10:00am to 5:30pm, Tuesday to Saturday

Starting November 1, 2017 All uniform items must be purchased from our school uniform supplier or through the used uniform store with exception of socks, leotards and shoes. Read your school newsletter for when the used uniform store is open next.