PEC Message to Parents

A Message from the Parish Education Committee

Dear Parents:

The Parish Education Committee would like to welcome back all returning families and extend a warm greeting to those families who are new to St. Michael’s. In planning registration for the coming school year, you will find all the necessary information in this booklet.

Please note that if you are claiming Parish tuition rates, your envelope number will be checked to make sure it is current.

St. Michael’s Parish and community are very proud of our school’s Catholic education. We are grateful for the strong leadership we receive from our pastor. We are thankful for the principal, the teachers and the support staff for their generosity and devotion to our children and their education. We recognize the invaluable contribution made by parents through the participation program. Without your help, the success of St. Michael’s school would not be possible, and I thank you.

It should be a great inspiration and consolation to all of us to realize that everyone involved in the operation of the school shares in the Mission Christ Himself gave to His Apostles – to go forth and teach all nations. It is this mission which gives immense meaning to our lives as Pastor, as teachers, and as parents. Through the intercession of St. Michael, may we be faithful to our mission this coming year.