Parish Education Committee

The PEC has seven members – 5 elected by the parish and 2 appointed by the pastor. Parents can have an effective voice in the education of their children through this committee, which meets monthly. The PEC assists the pastor in the following responsibilities as listed in the Archdiocesan Policy Manual:

  • Seeing that the policies of the Society of Catholic Independent Schools of Vancouver are carried out in our school.
  • Helping prepare and maintain the budget for the operation and maintenance of the school.
  • Ensuring that proper records are kept for the purposes of claiming government grants and for submitting reports to the Executive Committee.
  • Adhering to the Society’s policies with respect to hiring and the renewal and non-renewal of teachers’ contracts with the approval of the pastor and in consultation with the principal.
  • Overseeing the day-to-day running of the school in such areas as collection of tuition, payment of operating expenses, maintenance, etc.
  • Ensuring that secure places are provided for confidential and sensitive material.
  • Assuming other duties as are assigned from time to time by the Society.

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