Extra Curricular


Our Athletics program at St. Michael’s School is rooted in the development of the following virtues:

Teamwork: We believe in working as a group. We recognize the unique talents of every individual and celebrate one another’s strengths as we work to achieve a common goal.
Respect: We respect the dignity of every person. We encourage one another and embrace our differences. We follow in Jesus’ footsteps to serve one another.
Integrity: We have a high regard for truth, play according to the rules, strive to act in ethical
ways and are sincere in our actions.
Commitment: We are committed to the school and community we serve, and we will work hard
to achieve our goals and objectives.

Our Mission

Our St. Michael’s Athletics program mission is to provide opportunities for physical, social, and
emotional development while remaining purposeful, supportive, and fun.

We strive to create an environment where sportsmanship and fair play are fostered amongst member schools, and take pride in a well-organized, age appropriate, competency-based athletic program.

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Our Extra-Curricular Athletics Program