What is the Walkathon?

A Walkathon is an opportunity for students to raise money in a fun way, through pledge donations to help the school’s building fund for ongoing maintenance. It’s also a great way to connect and build up our community.

We are excited to announce the kick-off to our annual Walkathon! This year we will be walking, rain or shine, on Sunday, October 15th, 8:30am – 2:00pm

This year the Walkathon goal is to raise $20,000 for St. Michael Parish. 

Tax receipts will be issued for pledges of $20.00 and greater. There is no minimum or maximum for how much you are to contribute. All we ask is that you participate in this event to the best ability and support it in the best way you can.

This year’s Walkathon, we welcome back parents to walk with their child(ren) and we hope our community continues to help our school raise funds in a way that promotes fun, fitness and togetherness. We are very appreciative of all the support and donations that are coming into the school. We look forward to making this day a special one for our school community!

Students may start collecting donations as soon as they receive the pledge sheets. Donations may be made by anyone (neighbours, relatives, and friends). Pledge sheets plus donations must be given to the registration desk in the school gym on the day of the Walkathon. Please make cheques payable to St. Michael’s Parish.