KWL Chart

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This KWL (What I Know, What I Wonder, What I Learned) can be used at the start of a new unit, when getting going with a project, a paragraph, or to extend thinking during and after a story (in fact a good ol’ KWL can be used in many situations!).

Start with writing or drawing what you already know about the thing you’re doing/topic you’re starting, then get to the fun, deep-thinking stuff by letting your brain wonder about more!  For example, if you’re writing a paragraph about turtles, you might write “I Know…they have hard shells, they are slow, they can swim or go on land” and you might wonder “Are they reptiles or amphibians?  Is a shell their only means of defense?  How fast can they actually go?”  Once you’ve wondered a few things, it’s easy to do the research and find out! “I learned that turtles are actually reptiles, not amphibians, because they lay their eggs on land; they can also defend themselves by hissing or snapping and biting, and the leatherback turtle can move up to 10mph!”

I’m sure you can imagine that writing a paragraph about turtles would be easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy after whipping up a quick KWL.  Go ahead and try it out with your topic!

Download (PDF, 36KB)