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Our Virtue focus for December – Hope

During the month of December, we are focusing on the Virtue of Hope

 This month we celebrate the virtue of Hope. We believe that God comes to us as a real human who can show us the way of life. God has given us this Advent season year after year in order to focus our minds and our hearts on the good all around us.

 A hopeful person is….

† inspired and inspires others

† optimistic

† one who seeks good things from life

† one sees the good in the world

Sometimes in life bad things happen to us that we cannot explain. During these times we tend to get mad at God for putting us through so much pain. We forget God is always there for us and He does not want to hurt us. When you feel sad and alone, remember to never lose HOPE, pray to Jesus and things will get better.

 Let us pray for the grace and courage to be people of hope, people who can see, participate in and contribute to God’s goodness emerging around us. Amen


Our Virtue focus for November Conscience

During the month of November, we are focusing on the Virtue of Conscience

 Conscience is the voice of God within us. As you develop your conscience, you will learn to make decisions that will make sure you will always have love in your life. Our conscience reminds us how to act towards other people and how to be a good friend. Sometimes it is hard for us to do the right thing, but we must always remember that the right thing is not always the easy thing to do.

 A person of conscience…

† chooses to do the right thing, even when it is hard

† takes time to think and pray before making decisions

† knows that their actions and decisions affect all those around them

† thinks of others before themselves

 From the perspective of the Catholic Expectations, a person of conscience…

† makes decisions according to gospel values

† accepts accountability for one’s own actions

 Let us pray for the grace and strength to be people of conscience, who know the good and decent way to act and then choose to act that way. Amen.


Our Virtue focus for October EMPATHY

 In October –we celebrate the virtue of empathy. God wants us to understand and care about others. God has given us the ability to form connections with each other – to live together. Empathy helps us to connect and live together in safe, caring, inclusive communities.

An empathetic person…

  • listens when people speak
  • notices when someone is upset and tries to help
  • can name her/his feelings
  • can see a situation from another person’s point of view
  • accepts that others have different perspectives

“Life’s most urgent question is: what are you doing for others?”