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Welcome message from Dr. Kieran Egan, Professor Faculty of Education and Co-director, Imaginative Education Research Group (IERG). Learning in Depth – Each child is given a particular topic to learn about through her or his whole school career, in addition to the usual curriculum, and builds a personal portfolio on the topic.  

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Please note that we will be using Google Calendar for the remainder of this school year. If you would like to automatically have the school calendar added to your own device calendar, simply click on the +Google Calendar icon at the bottom right of the calendar. Click here for the school calendar page.

Introducing The Principal’s Corner

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Our Virtue focus for December – Hope During the month of December, we are focusing on the Virtue of Hope  This month we celebrate the virtue of Hope. We believe that God comes to us as a real human who can show us the way of life. God has given us this Advent season year after year in order to …