POPEY: Final Learning Menu (Thinking)

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Menu #11 is dedicated to the Thinking Core Competency and Play! For our last menu, the POPEY team is sharing some of their favourite activities that help creative, critical, and reflective thinking, including connecting to these through play. These activities can be used at home or at school.   https://popey.ca/sites/default/files/2020-June-learning%20menu%20%2311.pdf?mc_cid=157244bc0d&mc_eid=6af2c9066f

ADHD: A Definitive Guide

Mrs. Kirstin Roche Downloads, News

If you want to know more about ADHD, take a look at this blog “ADHD 101: A Definitive Guide for Students (+ Tools and Resources)” This is a worthwhile read that encompasses signs and symptoms, benefits and struggles, frequently asked questions, and many tips, tricks, and resources.  Check it out! https://ivypanda.com/blog/adhd-definitive-guide/