April 11th, 2018

Mr. Nicola Salvino Grade 7

Hello Grade 7 Families,

The following items have been assigned for homework:

  1. A rough draft of the narrative poem is to be completed by tomorrow.  Poems should be at least 150 words and include at minimum three effective poetic devices (students have received a handout with several examples of these).  Please see the attached rubric for more detail on what will eventually be expected of the final product .
  2.  A package on integer word problems was handed out today, this will be due on Monday.  Extra-help will be available Friday at lunch.
  3. Students have begun to learn about chemical vs. physical reactions.  A question sheet is to be completed by Monday.
  4. Students should be continuing to develop their LID year end projects both during class time on Wednesdays and at home.  Any supplies required should be brought to school on Wednesdays.

Download (PDF, 40KB)